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Best Way To Assign Nicknames to Friends in Facebook Messenger

Indeed, Facebook is correct now the most utilized long range informal communication stage. The stage offers informing, voice/video calls, photographs/video sharing highlights. The extraordinary thing about Facebook is that it likewise has applications for Android and iOS. Likewise, Facebook has an independent versatile application for informing known as ‘Courier’

With Facebook Messenger, you can trade instant messages, send and get recordings, and so on Relatively few would know, however Facebook Messenger likewise lets you change your companion’s name that you see on the stage. Facebook Messenger empowers you to set a moniker for your dear loved ones.

The component has been around for quite a while now, however numerous clients actually don’t think about this. Subsequently, we have chosen to share a working technique to set a moniker on Facebook Messenger in 2020.

  • Steps to Assign Nicknames to Friends in Facebook Messenger

With this strategy, you can without much of a stretch set a moniker for your dear companions. The Nicknames will show up at the highest point of the string in one-on-one talk. Along these lines, we should look at the bit by bit control.

Stage 1. Most importantly, head to the Google Play Store and update the Facebook Messenger app.Step 2. When done, open Facebook Messenger and select the reach you need to set an epithet.

Stage 3. Tap on the Profile symbol.

Stage 4. On the following screen, tap on the ‘Monikers’ option.Step 6. Presently you will see a screen like underneath. Basically tap on the ‘Set Nickname’ button.

Stage 7. Presently type in the moniker and tap on ‘Set’

That is it! You are finished. Presently rather than the complete name, you will see the moniker of your companion in one-on-one talk. In any case, if you don’t mind note that the contact will have the option to see the name change in the visit history.


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