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How can astrologers think now? Not much otherwise than they have always believed. However they are better known. Learn more …

Johnson’s List is a daily email newsletter with advice and analysis about modern Russia by a vast selection of sources. Perhaps this is the reason why they’re so receptive to astrology.

I had been reading about a few forecasts Russian astrologers were creating for the calendar year 2002 in a post written at the point by Kevin O’Flynn for Johnson’s”Russia List” qualified”Stars Are Not Smiling Away on 2002″.

O’Flynn, who estimates Russian astrologers such as Yury Longo, Sergei Bezborodny and Alexander Zarayev, does not appear to place much store in astrological forecasts himself however he notes that”even a few former and current Russian and U.S. leaders and their wives have demonstrated a fascination with astrological predictions”.

The comment that caught my attention from the Guide, but was that:

It’ll be like this [ruble] default in 1998,” explained Zarayev, that, like most astrologers, was short on specifics [emphasis mine].

Many authors that cover astrology predictions and interviews do not know or enjoy astrology and cover it using thinly veiled ridicule.

There’s a motive astrologers are”short on details” and that’s precisely what I’d love to describe within this report. It’s to do with how our predictions are created and how we believe.

Astrologers do not associate occasions by cause and effect. They associate them , much as they perform.

There are two reasons that they utilize analogy. To begin with, we’re attempting to describe things that are hard to put into words, such as poets. The poet says,”my love is like a red, red rose” since it’s tough to put into words exactly what an abstract thing, experience or feeling such as love is without comparing it into something concrete, of uncommon beauty and ecstatic odor, for example, as an instance, a rose.

Second, we’re arriving at our decisions by connecting dots which are imperceptible to the untrained eye but that exist within our calculations and formulas and direct us to our decisions without physical signs. That is the reason why backing up a number of our bills is tough. We all know two things are correlated through space and time but we ourselves aren’t exactly sure what they will look like on the prevailing world plane.

If I would qualify Zarayev’s announcement, which he was not permitted to perform in this once-removed record of his forecast, I’d indicate that the events he describes would be”similar” in gravity and extent, but also maybe in”tone” and”feel” to the ruble defaultoption.

Here is an illustration from something you might be more familiar with. I might state that 911 was like the fantastic Fire of London in 1666 as well as the Galveston Flood at 1900 (the deadliest natural catastrophe the United States has ever experienced) or the San Francisco earthquake in 1906 in extent since all of these are catastrophic events of nearly unimaginable proportions.

Here is a good illustration of how this sort of reasoning is performed if calling. Suppose I find that Saturn will pass over your Moon on your fourth house. It’s a method of describing energy. Today we attempt to think of a few events which are likely, given what we know about this particular energy. Sometimes, we consider the essence of the individual we are studying for into consideration — he is an 80 year-old guy or she is a 26 year-old woman — and also that which we know of the personality and lifestyle events out of information we ask beforehand.

Here are a Few of the images which are indicated by this mix of electricity, Saturn + Moon + 4th home:

— somebody goes in an archaeology dig

— somebody’s parent becomes really ill

— somebody gets some long lost info about their ancestors because of their genealogy project

— somebody gets locked in the cellar by mistake or on purpose

— somebody contacts the Peninsula to Discover about burial plots

— somebody is digging into their garden (in Chicago!) And discovers a dinosaur bone.

As a matter of fact, if you can”join the dots” and have a sense for what it’s these things might have in common, you’re in line to become a fantastic astrologer.

I will help you.

Saturn = something or somebody old, buried, long-lived

4th home = ancestors, profoundly concealed, emotionally meaningful

We utilize intuitive thinking to translate data shown from the amounts within our astrological calculations. You may also compare this to how a physician reads an x ray. The x-ray indicates a photo of something but it actually does not mean anything until somebody who’s trained to translate x-ray images looks at it and informs you.

While I attempt to assist my astrology pupils develop their instinct, we do”drills” such as this. I inquire,”If you’re a flower, what kind is it?” I then ask,”If this man more than there were a flower, what type would be?” Or a colour. Or a part of music. My pupils get annoyed with this occasionally, but it is like practicing scales (etudes) about the piano it’s building appropriate brain or instinctive skills.

As we have shown, when astrologer Zarayev states”like the ruble default 1998″, he’s creating an analogy -“this” — something understood — is similar to”which” — something yet unidentified — predicated on three dimensional dot-to-dot, using geometric proportions plus a nonlinear thinking very similar to physics and maybe even music, which may appear obscure.

A lot of men and women feel that astrology is similar to being prophetic. As a matter of fact, astrology is much similar to music or physics and not like psychic and intuitive ability, though astrologers may utilize these two abilities to boost the info that they give you out of their calculations. But, astrologers study significantly from three to four years to find out their abilities and many will be insulted if you explained them as a psychic or intuitive!

Physics explores the development of this world with all the left brain. Meta-physics investigates the creation of this world using the perfect brain.

Physicists use numbers and formulae at a qualitative speech.

While customers may feel that astrologers do nothing but forecasts about people’s lives, waiting patiently by their own telephone to the go-ahead on a graph (!) Consult your favourite astrologer what he is exploring at the present time and get prepared for a surprise! .

What am I studying at this time?

Reading for customers frequently enables us to have time for all these other pursuits — we really do love our customers! — that are usually not rewarding in and of themselves.

Let us explore further how astrologers think. Metaphysicians research the creation of this world using the perfect mind and something referred to as”vertical” thinking. Here is the distinction between vertical and horizontal thinking.

Apartment believing utilizes the idea of cause and effect also depends on a linear connection between events in space and time, i.e., initially this happened and then that happened consequently.

Following is a daily example. I am drinking this daily diet coke since I’m hungry. (I got hungry and that induced me to consume the diet coke.) Or I am drinking this particular diet coke since my grandmother introduced me to them hot afternoons at Texas when I was a child. And so, I drink cokes when it is hot. You seehot weather triggers me to drink diet coke.

Vertical thinking differs. It partners events by a purposeful relationship that’s occasionally subjective (the significance is at the truth of the beholder) and occasionally by a system that clarifies undetectable but maybe not imaginary patterns and connections like music or astrology.

By way of instance, it may also be that why I am drinking this daily diet coke now is because something compels me to achieve for a every time that I run my tongue across the roof of my mouth in a specific way I have been performing since childhood. This air conditioning conditioning is private and subjective but massaging my tongue on the roof of my mouth doesn’t”induce” me to consume diet cokes.

I could do so since it is 3:20 pm and that is when I used to awaken out of my polio-prevention rest for a child and be given a cold diet coke with my grandma on the way into the swimming pool.

That is subjective and personal and an association the subconscious mind is creating but youth naps didn’t”induce” me to consume this daily diet coke.

Obviously if you’re searching for vertical relations, we ramble backwards and forward in time. In fact in astrology, the youth diet cokes and also the diet cokes are siblings.

There’s a third part in vertical thinking and that’s an imperceptible but discernible quality to a specific period that brings events to it by appropriateness.

Before I go a lot farther with this, here is a daily illustration of this”quality” of some moment. Each morning on awakening, I move for a five mile walk. It is usually a relaxing and fun means to begin the day. Two days before, a puppy plagued me for a few minutes once I checked my mailbox on the way home. A car nearly ran me over. Then the bottom dropped out of a bag of trash that I took to the garbage.

At that stage I replanned my entire day, imagining it was going to be the sort of energy at which I must do as little as possible beyond the home. The”quality” of this time wasn’t excellent. I didn’t have to look at my ephemeris to understand that (!) But maybe there were several negative aspects to the Moon for many hours daily.

Had I looked forward, I may have understood this but I do not rely on astrology daily to day things, though that could surprise you. That is only because I believe that we have to develop ourselves on the stage which we’re able to roll together with the movement of the inner planets so as to succeed adults. Internal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars dictate daily matters and changes which happen over a span of state, a couple of weeks.) Straightforward maturity dictates that we become effective in handling our everyday affairs. We’ve had every inner world circle our graphs many times when we’re more than thirty and must be employed to their power by now.

A few of those planets will only go to a few homes of our graphs during our lives and we’re unfamiliar together to some level that may wreak havoc with our nicely planned lives. We all have parts of ourselves we don’t know.

Significant to note, however, returning to my dawn which got off to a terrible start… the puppy didn’t trigger the”trigger” the automobile to hit me. The careless driver did not”trigger” the garbage bag to crack. They were things of a specific character that surfaced together at the same time and place. They have been siblings, the parent of that are of interest to a astrologer.

Chronos describes chronological time, the type used for trigger and effect reasoning. Kairos describes some quality of period being such that events which happen at the time are alike somehow.

While I give my courses, which are typically small as they’re geared toward talented infp healers who represent just 1 percent of the populace, I love to ask us to think about the grade of the time which will draw just those 5 or 10 individuals together from the countless people in the world.

This is occurring randomly during your day too. Why did you end up in the grocery store in accordance with these special men and women? Why did your name come up to get an IRS audit currently?

All these are rhetorical questions but they’re really very intriguing to an astrologer that will study such matters carefully. By way of instance, it may surprise you to know that if we examine the graphs of a policeman and a criminal, they are rather similar — definitely more equally than the graphs of policeman and a pianist. Gradually a blueprint shows itself.

It’s the kairos period on your astrology chart that’s examined for info regarding your character that will determine your destiny or what numbers to destiny. “Character is destiny.” A superb book on this subject is”The Challenge of Fate” from Thorwald Dethlefsen, a very influential German metaphysician whose novels aren’t always available in English translation.

The following word we use is that. “Your daily life is the arrival writ large.” The second of your arrival includes the energy that you will encounter, so to speak, or spread throughout 60 to 90 decades of time around Earth. Its taste will trickle down through and over all you do, producing ribbons of pattern and texture, which makes all you do similar or recognizable in certain key, subtle manner. It’s a lot easier to differentiate that in somebody besides yourself.

It’s possible to realize that the way of your physical arrival is replicated again and again through the duration of your life from the distinct outer events which happen or audience around your vitality. It requires training to observe this. Additionally, most individuals aren’t knowledgeable about the particulars of their arrival.

If you’re planning to study metaphysics or astrology, a fantastic thing to do would be ask your mom about the particulars of your arrival so you’ve got the information useful. It’ll become increasingly more meaningful to you personally as your studies progress.

Getting back to kairos, occasionally kairos shows itself best by moving backward across linear moment. The majority of my private projects within an astrologer involve looking back in transits during history to find out what occurred under similar transits previously and what relations I could make.

I looked at each of the times previously when this event happened, All of the way back to 1 CE and found two interesting items:

— focus on the Salic Laws

The legislation of the Salian Franks, from whence finally flew Charlemagne, prohibit women to inherit land and this became a significant problem in Europe during later time intervals.

Something which interests astrologers, these eclipses happen to be happening in the first 15 levels of Gemini and Sagittarius for 2,000 decades.

Somewhat unnervingly, I found they’re low intervals for western Europeans and large intervals for the Arab world. We just reasoned one. When some newscasters and historians alluded to the fact that we had been finishing up about the Crusades, an astrologer can observe the exact alarming fact of the statement mathematically and with no emotion or private individual opiniom.

Can I to forecast that 911 could occur? No. However, I did forecast — at a newspaper I read in the”Better Worlde Galleria” in 1995 — this period would bring a rise in terrorism, religious intolerance, problems in traveling, immigration difficulties, upsurge of asthma and sound pollution and lots of different things which have occurred. Is this obscure? Yes. Is it accurate? Yes. Might it be helpful? Yes.

1 astrologer, the Rob Hand, didn’t appear to forecast 911 itself.

As a metaphysician, I’m not so interested in forecasts like I am, such as Einstein, considering understanding God’s thoughts. If it seems somewhat presumptuous, it keeps me occupied. Much like the German philosophers, I really do believe that something quite similar to God’s head or Adam Smith’s”invisible hand” is shown in a detached exploration and Comprehension of the outworking of background and at the turning gyre of the skies


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