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The Information Technology (IT) Disconnect

The bad news: There’s a huge disconnect between the typical IT professional and the other bands in many organizations.

The great news: There is a simple solution.

  • The Disconnect
  • The typical IT professional is very active. Considering all the programs we support, software we develop, information we warehouse and infrastructures we assert, it appears impossible to get everything done. But this busyness has caused many people to appear disconnected from the remainder of the business.

Perhaps you have heard remarks similar to this?

“People IT people simply don’t know what we will need to get done.”

“When the developers only knew something about the business we are in, we may have the ability to make some improvement “

“I really don’t know why we want a fresh system.

Prognosis: The IT group will have trouble getting needed budget bucks and will probably be under continuous stress from lacking achievements.

Are you prepared for harsh fact? It is generally that people, the IT professionals, aren’t”company” enough.

To be able to contact your clients, you have to understand them. You have to understand what their company goals are. You have to realize how they perform their job and why they are doing their job.

By Way of Example, can you answer the following questions concerning the advertising manager in your business:

  • -what’s the advertising manager’s main focus at this time?
  • -What are a few of the problems she/he is confronting at this moment?
  • -How can his department explore a new item?

I understand. You are thinking,”I do not have enough time to learn those things.

You are partially perfect. You do not need to understand all of the nuances of the way the advertising manager runs her section, but you ought to be aware of the fundamentals. Next time you are tempted to say”That is not my job” as this question:

What’s my job?

Here is the Solution. It means you employ, manage and/or build technologies which are utilized to handle, store and/or send info. Did you catch this? Information. Information!

How do we perhaps implement technologies to manage information when we do not understand what info we will need to address or our cUStomERS must manage this info? We can not.

That is the reason why we must remember it is our job to understand how our company operates from a company standpoint.

If I’m a database administrator, I want to know the way our databases are used. I need to know why information has been saved, how it’s being recovered and, at least essentially, what it’s used for.

When I’m a developer, I must understand the procedures that the my program is going to be utilized in, the way the procedure works from begin to finish, what problem/need that the course of action is meant to solve/fill and whatever else which is going to have an influence on the consumers of my program.

Making the Link
Are you prepared for the simple solution? It is really straightforward. You need to make the connection.

Do not rely on the opposite party to produce the connection. They’ll be scared to approach you. They’ll fear that they may appear dumb or dumb. You need to make the connection.

How? Questions such as these:

  1. -what’s the biggest challenge you are facing at this moment?
  2. -How has technology influenced your team in the last year?
  3. -what’s the single most significant place where we, the tech team, will help you perform your job better?
  4. -what’s your brief and long-term eyesight for your own group?

Can you see how these queries create a link? I am not attempting to create the IT group seem great. I’m expressing a true interest in another person’s issues, needs and fantasies. Whenever you do so you start to make connections.

Can you recall some time in the previous sixty days once you sat down with a person from a different area or group and asked questions such as those I’ve mentioned in this report?

Otherwise, you do not have the links you want. The fantastic thing is you may do this once or twice per month and it’ll start to create these connections that are essential. The talks will often last less thirty minutes to a hour along with the rewards you take will be enormous.

Where do you begin? That is easy. Begin with the team or person which you believe is the main problem area. The team which you hear the many complaints from. Start to relate to the group or person.


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